What will radiology technician school be like?

I will be starting school to become a Radiology Technician beginning January 22nd through an Associate Degree Program and i was hoping some of you Radiology Techs could please shed some light on your personal experiences with becoming a rad tech and the process of actually going through school.

What your average days were like? Is radiology tech work stressful? How do you feel about your decision to become a rad tech? Do the patients like having x-rays? Can families watch ultrasounds?

What high school classes would help me in my quest of becoming a radiology technician technician?

Im still in high school but in the Future i want to go to college to study to become a radiology technician. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what classes should i take to help me in the long run with my career and college ? I know i have to take math and science classes but i don’t know which ones in particular..im recently taking physics and algebra 2 honors, would that help a bit ?

Does a radiology degree transfer between states?

If I get a radiology license in Ohio can it transfer to Florida or Texas or Nevada? Do I need to retake a test or just pay more money?

I know there is a national registry of radiology techs but that most states require additional testing or licensing.

Can someone help me choose my college major?

I can’t pick between forensic science, nursing, or a radiology technology. I love forensics and find it very interesting, but I also love the medical field. Can anyone tell me some pros and cons of my choices?