Why Do I Hear So Many Horror Stories About Canadian Health Care?

I lived in Canada for four years, the health system was great. My sister-in-law has lived there three years, her biggest complaint is that she only gets a dozen mental health visits a year. (Imagine that, health coverage the includes mental health!)
I worked at a school in Canada and I was a sports coach so I went to the hospital frequently with injured kids. I was injured myself once and had to get a CAT scan. I never had to wait, I could go to any hospital I wanted.
I had a coworker who injured his eye ask me to take him to the emergency room. I thought it would be like a typical American Hospital and take hours. We were in and out in less than an hour, stitches and all. When was the last time you were in and out of an emergency room that quickly?
I house sat for a physician. We talked about there health system and he loved it. Sure, he made a slightly more modest salary than his American counterparts. But he drove a BMW, sent all his kids to private school and lived in a Victorian era home that is worth well over a million dollars so he was not hurting for money.
So what is the deal with all these horror stories? Where are they coming from?

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