Was This Cat Scan Overkill?

I started having an inner ear infection a week ago after I had a cold and I had a bad case of vertigo/dizzy nausea. Then I had a few more attacks for a couple of days and on the weekend I had a pretty bad one at night time and went to the ER. I explained that something was wrong with my inner ear and that I had some ringing and my doctor said I had an inner ear infection. They put me on an IV and drew blood and gave me a CAT scan and they both came back normal. I didn’t argue because I thought it was safe and I was sick.
But all I think I needed was a some anti-nausea medicine to get me through the attack.
Then I read a few days later that CAT scan uses more raidation than a normal x-ray and its like 150x as much, can give you cancer and an MRI would do the job with NO radiation!
I think this CAT scan was a totally stupid idea and they should have done a safe MRI on me and this was overkill for my symptoms. What was this doctor thinking??
The symptoms are almost gone now

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