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Is it easier to become an ultrasound technician, Physical Therapist Assistant, or a radiologist technician?

Is it easier to become an ultrasound technician, Physical Therapist Assistant, or a radiologist technician? I’m considering all 3 fields and am willing to work very hard at it but I’ve never been doctor smart and don’t want to get into something and find out I’m not capable of learning the skills needed. I’ m about to turn 26 and want a career change that won’t take forever. Any recommendations or thoughts?

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  1. Written by Amaretta
    on December 18, 2012 at 6:25 am

    You may be able to get training for all three of those professions at your local community college or regional state university in a two-year program. You’ll need to compare the degree requirements and see if you need comparable classes for each degree. Then you’ll need to ask some hard questions of the admissions office at those schools: What percentage of students in the _____________ program actually graduate? How many of them have jobs in their field by graduation? How many are employed in their field within six months of graduation? Where are they employed? (Hospitals, clinics, private physical therapy centers, doctors’ offices, etc.) What’s their average salary? What kind of assistance do you provide to students who are struggling in specific subjects? (i.e., do they have tutoring or other assistance available?) What kind of financial aid do you have available (if you need that)? How much in debt is the average student by the time they finish their degree here? Do you set students up in internships so they can learn on the job? What kind of job search assistance do you provide? It might be worth dropping in to a physical therapy center to see if you can talk casually to the people who work there about the training they received, their job satisfaction, where they received their training, etc. You might be able to talk to an ultrasound tech or radiology tech at a hospital as well. It’s worth doing some research ahead of time before spending the time and money to pursue a degree that you might not be able to finish.