How Is The Radiography Job Market Now.. Projected Future?

I just got accepted into my local community colleges radiography program. (waited for 3 years) I am getting a little bit afraid that after my two years of schooling that I won’t be able to find a job. I live in FL and right now the market is very flooded. There is the possibility that I could leave a year or so after graduating , but I just wanted to know for all of the radiographers out there ALREADY in the market, How comfortable and how secure is your job? Is this a good career choice? Can things possibly change within the next 2-3 years where the market will actually NEED radiographers? I asked one of my professors and he stated that the Job market for healthcare is always on a roller coaster. One year there will be to many nurses and the next year there won’t be enough radiographers. I am just scared that after waiting for so long to do what I am passionate about that I’ll be stuck working a job in something other than radiography because I can’t find a job. I don’t want to be a nurse so thats out of the question. Provide some insight please. Preferably X-ray techs/Radiographers/ radiology techs (so many terms)answer.
Thanks in advance.

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