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Annual salary of an *OB/GYN* sonographer(ultrasound tech)?

So I’m thinking about choosing this career. Here’s what’s up. I know that ultrasound techs (sonographers) generally make about ,000 a yr. But I know the salary of an OB/GYN ultrasound techs must be a little different. Some OB/GYN sonographers work in hospitals some work in clinics. Normally I’d say that the other types of ultrasound techs would make more money because they are usually in a hospital setting and hospitals do tend to pay more than private practices. BUT OB/GYN techs are greatly needed because of the increasing population. So I know money shouldn’t be an object when deciding your career but I need to know ahead of time my future lifestyle. So please if you can tell me the salary of not just any sonographer but an OB/GYN sonographer I would greatly appreciate it! And any advice or information on this career would be awesome!! Or if you are an ob/gyn sonographer, what is your salary? Thank you!

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  1. Written by Ghee
    on November 1, 2010 at 1:56 am

    I think your estimate is a little low – especially if you are working in an area with few sonographers –
    You do need to research how long it will take you to get certified –

  2. Written by sunflower
    on November 1, 2010 at 2:10 am

    Sonographers that work in physician’s offices (ob/gyn) make $30/hr on average. It is actually about the same amount that they make in most hospitals. Beware that it can be very difficult to get a job in ob.gyn office because they only employ maybe 1 or 2 Sonographers, whereas a hospital or outpatient imaging center may employ 5-10 (or more) Sonographers.