1 Year Certification For Limited Radiology Technician….is It Worth It?

I have a friend who would like to pursue a career in the radiology field. He says he will do a 1 year certification and get a job in the field. I looked up the pay and its $16/hr. so that is about $128 a day and $640 a week (assuming 8 hour shifts). This is about $2500 a month and this is BEFORE taxes. After taxes i am guessing it will be about $2000 even.. I pointed out to him that that is not even enough to live on and he will be sinking probably OVER $15,000 into school.
He insists he will make more and I am wrong about these figures. I dont see that happening.
MY QUESTION: Who can tell me what the average and MAX pay is for a 1 year certification in this field (LIMITED RADIOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN). He lives in Texas now and wants to relocate up north so if you know average /MAX salary by region that is helpful. Thanks.

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